These instruments are close to my heart, its an Irish thing probably, The guitars come from the same soil, Donegal built, just like myself. Master Luthier and creator of the Emerald guitar, Alistair Hay born from a family who have been moulding materials for the last half century, The man really understands the physics the measurable and extents of the guitar, length, breadth, depth and shape, the quality beauty and tone. His energy is part of every instrument he builds, and you can hear it, and feel it in all the instruments he creates.

His unique builds come from a carbon-fibre material beautifully moulded into the perfect musical instrument, his creative abilities have no boundaries ranging from Violins, Harps, Basses and Guitars. One of his instruments The Amicus, a little 12string soprano guitar, has become one of my favourite instruments from my first time picking it up. My range of Emeralds are the X7, travel guitar, the Amicus and the X10, X20 which are stage and performance guitars.

The Emerald guitar has a tone that literally slaps you in the face as the tone comes up under your chin, this is because of its uniquely placed sound hole, the outlet expresses an upward projection which naturally hits the roof. Acoustically the guitars are loud powerful crisp and never lose bottom end. The instruments are work horses, road warriors, they love to travel and can perform in hot and cold conditions with no tuning problems. Some of the world-guitar royalty use the Emerald, from Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Billy Sheehan.... How cool is that.

wild custom guitars

The Wild Custom guitar company come from Vichy France, these guys have mastered the craft of true traditional guitar building, yet bringing unique modern craftism and techniques to the guitar world.  A superb team of guys, each one with their own Super-power, and them-all combined builds the finest of a modern classic.

I'm very proud to be working with the Wild team, I love what they do, and I love how they do it. I love that they listen, and how they are interested in my opinions, My Wild Guitars, make me play better than I play..... Thanks Guys.


Myself and Kelton have become personal friends over the years. And let me tell you, Kelton has a God given gift.

His guitars and how he sees them been  finished and played, is exactly what we guitar players want. We speak a lot about guitars, and I play his guitars, And everything he says about them is true. His consistency in instrument making is Superb, And his secret is his simplicity, "That's why all the Swades have that ultimate sophistication.”