Johnny Gallagher     

 Widely Acknowledged as one of the finest guitar players touring the European circuit, Working his way through Festivals, Clubs & Venues all over the Continent with his an "Over-driven" Rock'n Roll show, featuring his own original material with stunning personal versions of selected classics.

              Johnny's charisma creates excitement on stage with his much sought after "larger than life" presence. He can change from full on aggressive rock to quieter moments of more tender  introsprective-music, and through his set he shows his wizardry on both electric and acoustic guitars. His guitar playing covers a unique range of Rock styles and Country pickin, with which he can naturally and masterfully turn himself into a true Blues man. To top it all, Johnny possesses a truly unique and expressive voice which show cases his songs with the dynamics to swoop from a scream to a whisper. 

Johnny loves to visit the unknown on stage, ad-libbing, jamming, improvising, and thats part of the magic at all his live shows. Just laying-it down, Groovy swing and Boogie-woogie… that's what its all about. Its plain and simple Rock and Roll...

The opera house Monte Carlo.