1. Mr George

From the recording Peace of mind

An old boxtie band favourite
we thought we'd give it a new blast for the craic.


Stand’n by the hitching post
And thinking to my self
I have a 1000miles to go
And Im makin no progress
I don’t know where Im going
don’t know where I am
All I know is, Im Mr George
And I do just what I can

2hours of heat and all alone
My time is running out of sight
I stopped in at this roadhouse
and stayed there for the night
Got up in the morning at 10 o’clock
I asked for the boss
He told me his name and said goodbye
I asked him how much it cost

But he said goodbye Mr George

Down the dusty highway
I saw with a glance
A truck coming toward me
I thought, I hadn’t got a chance
He rolled right up beside me
Stopped dead at my feet
He looked at me with 2 mean eyes
And said man we got at meet

I hopped in the truck
And told him my name
Laughed at me said mines the same
We were smoking and joking all day long
He brought me the rest of my journey
Left me of in my town
Then he said your 1 hell of a guy
And he called me a friend

He said………….Goodbye Mr George

Lyric Johnny Gallagher.